It’s me, Megan!

The brand and web designer behind
Megan Weeks Design Co.

It’s my dream to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, especially those in the wellness space, stand out through timeless branding and design that further elevates the quality they bring to the table.

Industries I’ve Worked With:


Hair salons



Health food



+ more!

My creative process is rooted in effective simplicity

Above all else, what truly ignites my creativity is the unique personalization each brand requires.

I strive to make BIG impressions through minimal, intentional designs. I don’t just create things that look good for the heck of it!

I’m passionate about getting to know my clients and their target market to cultivate the perfect visuals that celebrate their authenticity while effortlessly attracting new leads.

The passions that got me here:

  • $Traveling the world - especially Europe
  • $Prioritizing my health and wellness
  • $Raising and adopting my cat, Leo
  • $Filming my day to day for Youtube

The Timeline

Megan Weeks Design Co did not just happen overnight. It took many years, sleepless nights and stepping out of my comfort zone. Here a few pivotal points in my career and life that helped me get to where I am today!

Wouldn’t be possible without them



Website Copywriter

Naomi is an SEO-friendly copywriter for service-based brands & businesses. Her focus with each project is to craft strategic, conversion-driven copy that aligns with her clients’ ideal audiences and attracts the right kind of qualified leads while they sleep. When she’s not helping her clients make their copy the #1 salesman in their businesses, you can likely find her binge-watching The Office, choreographing a new combo for her dance students, or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. You can read more about Naomi and her copywriting services on or on Instagram as @glashousemedia.

Random Facts:

  • Favorite service to provide is website copy
  • Located in: Buffalo, NY
    My husband and I eloped in 2021 on New Year’s Eve!
  • I once rode on a camel in Morocco


Assistant Brand & Web Designer

Swiss-based design enthusiast who finds joy in the art of making things beautiful. “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had that passion for « making things look pretty ». Today I’m still on that path but now, collaborating with Megan Weeks Design Co. to make her clients brand and website both pretty and strategic. My favorite part of the creative process is definitely web design, I’m obsessed with putting all your brand assets together and creating a digital home for your business.”

Random Facts:

  • Loves taking walks in nature with her doggie!
  • Located in Switzerland
  • Likely will be found spipping on a matcha latte
  • Obssesed with hunting for pretty notebooks!


Director of Disruptions

Leo’s expertise lies in creatively disrupting your work, whether it is stepping on the keyboard or interputting calls. If you are a client or student of mine, you are guarenteed to meet Leo at some point.

Random Facts:

  • Loves playing fetch with his slinky toy
  • Sassy but likes to cuddle
  • Spends most of his time watching the birds from his hammock
  • Guilty pleasure is tuna

Don’t settle for ordinary!

Let’s capture your brand together in a fully-functional design that will have you excited to show up in your space.