WordPress Website Design Course

Learn how to build a custom website using WordPress.

With this course, you’ll learn how to build a custom website using WordPress. You will also explore the ins and outs of creating your own site from scratch using Adobe XD and the page builder, Divi to develop it!

Gain confidence in understanding the advanced website platform, WordPress, and…

  • ZStand out from other web designers by understanding a more advanced platform.
  • ZUnderstand how completely custom websites are built, designed and delivered.
  • ZSee an expert designer website design client process!
  • ZWalk away with useful resources including web design contracts, design tactics and more!

You are a creative and want too:

  • ZYou want to learn at your own pace and join a community of web designers where new lessons will be uploaded periodically!
  • ZYou have a design eye and aesthetic preferences for websites - you just need help learning how to convert those ideas into a working and optimized website.
  • ZYou have clients with WordPress websites but you need guidance on how to work with this platform.
  • ZYou love website design and want to learn WordPress because you realize how many options this platform offers but you just don't know where to begin.


44+ Video


Bonus Template Downloads

Start designing functional and beautiful websites using WordPress!

Module 1

Client Onboarding:
  • About Client Onboarding and My Web Design Process
  • Website Design Contract
  • Setting Up Client Dashboard and Client Homework
  • Website Design Questionnaire
  • What to Charge and Navigating Payment Plans
  • Website Content Planner (DIY Copywriting)

Module 2

Web Hosting and Installing WordPress
  • 3 Reasons I Prefer WordPress

  • How to Explain Hosting and WordPress to Clients

  • Which Hosting Platforms are the Best for WordPress

  • Setting Up WordPress Staging Site

  • How to Set Up a Business Email (for FREE)

Module 3

Beginning the Homepage Designs
  • Why I Use Adobe XD and Don’t Directly Design on WordPress
  • Where I Find Inspiration and Why I Don’t Use Templates
  • Setting up Adobe XD Document Assets
  • Designing the Homepage on Adobe XD
  • Presenting the Homepages in Adobe XD

Module 4

Client Feedback
  • How to Get the Best Feedback from your Clients
  • Feedback Form

    Module 5

    Interior Page Designs
    • Helpful Tips When Designing Interior Pages
    • Watch Me Design Interior Pages on Adobe XD

      Module 6

      Introducing Divi
      • Divi vs. Other Page Builders
      • Installing Divi on WordPress Staging Site
      • Quick Tour of Divi – My Favorite Tools

        Module 7

        Website Development on WordPress Using Divi 
        • Uploading Custom Fonts

        • Preparing the Global (Sticky) Header and Footer with Divi

        • Setting Up Global Colors

        • Watch Me Build a Custom Page

        • How to Add Background Elements to a Page

        • Which Plugins I Use to Add Functionality to the Site

        • WordPress Menu Setting Tips

        • Do You Need Legally Binding Pages?

        • Watch Me Develop The Entire Website

        • Anchor Tags and How to Set it Up

          Module 8

          Setting Up an Online Shop
          • Shopify vs. WooCommerce for WordPress

          • How to Integrate Shopify on WordPress

          • WooCommerce Set Up

            Module 9

            Website Optimization
            • Adapting Your Designs to Mobile & Tablet View

            • SEO Tips for Your Website Pages

            Module 10

            Preparing the Website for Launch
            • Virtual walkthrough of the entire site and answer questions

            • How to transfer the website using WPMigration

            Module 11

            Final Thoughts
            • Thank you + Next Steps!

            • Submit Your Lesson Requests!

            Payment Details


            One Time Payment

            Lifetime Access

            44+ Video Lessons

            Bonus Templates


            Your Instructor: Megan Weeks


            In the graphic design world, It can be easy to get caught up looking at what everyone else is doing and comparing your beginner-level designs to someone else’s  masterpiece. It’s easy to think, well that’s never going to happen, and walk away before you’ve even had a chance to see what you’re really capable of.

            When it came to starting my career in design, it took so much work to learn everything necessary to feel like an expert. It was tempting to just say oh well, it’s too hard.  

            This is imposter syndrome–  that pesky little inner voice that tell’s you you don’t have what it takes, that you’re just pretending.

            Maybe you know that you don’t have technical skills you that need to create logos like a pro… Thats a BIG one! 

            I know you want to create unique designs that are beautiful and as elegant as the brands they represented. Of course you do! 

            I also know that you can do this. 

            The truth is that the feeling of mastery and the confidence that you desire as a logo designer, comes only when you obtain these two things— KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE.

            I’ve created my courses to guide you along as you acquire both!

            Is this course for beginners?

            WordPress is defintley a more advanced platform. However, I am a big believer in just starting and learning by doing. This course will give you that opportunity. If you have no design experience, I would recommend going back to my Custom Branding Process or Logo Design Simplified course to understand design basics before implementing those into a website. 

            Will I learn about the client process?

            Yes! This course will teach you how to onboard clients, the contract to send, and how to get client feedback in an easy way!

            Will I have access to contact you?

            You can leave questions or comments on the lessons and I will do my best to respond back to you within 48 hours! I also will give you my email if you have any other questions. Not only that, but you will get access to my community of creatives where you can connect with other students.

            Do I get immediate access?

            Yes, absolutley! Once you purchase, it is all yours and you have lifetime access.

            Do you offer refunds?

            Due to the nature of the program and enrollment process, we are unable to process refunds once purchased. However, we are committed to our students’ success. If you have trouble with the course, please email us at hello@meganweeksdesignco.com