The One Logo Concept Method

Apr 14, 2023

Can you believe designers are only sending one logo design concept to their clients?

I can! 

Since I am not super experienced in this method myself, I decided to interview a fellow designer, Taryn LeMoine, about her experience using this method:

Why did you decide to start doing one concept instead of multiple for your clients to choose from? Like what is the main reason?


My main reason for transitioning to the one concept method was to position myself as the expert and not just someone with the software skills to push pixels.

When I was showing clients multiple logo designs and asking them to pick which one, I felt like it forced them to decide on this foreign concept that they were hiring me for. This often led to many rounds of revisions and “Frankensteining” the final design by taking one element from option 2 and using the typeface from option 1, etc., which turned into one big logo design mess that didn’t make sense and ultimately led to burnout for both me and the client. By honoring my creative expertise and choosing the option that I know is best for my clients it allows my design and creative process to flourish.

What steps do you take before sending that one concept over to your clients?


I do a whole brand strategy call or questionnaire (just depends on if the client wants me to go over the questions with them on a call or take time to fill it out on their own).

I then take all of that information that backs up their goals, target audience, and values to create a moodboard and a playlist to capture the feel and emotion based on the brand messaging and strategy This also includes an idea of the proposed color palette, even though my first presentation of the logo is in black and white so that color doesn’t distract from the logo structure.

Once they approve this direction and we’re on the right track, that’s when I start exploring all sorts of concepts to find the best one to present based on the strategy!

Are you presenting that one concept in a lot of different formats and mock ups to help the client understand your vision?


Yes! Clients being able to see the brand in real life scenarios and uses helps them understand how each touchpoint is important and really captures how the brand will live visually. It gets them excited to see their potential and I think also helps them approve the design with little to no refinements!

And what’s the biggest thing you’ve noticed by doing this method that has helped for you and your business?


The biggest thing that’s helped me and my business is feeling more fulfilled by providing the right solution for my clients, higher quality work for my portfolio, and of course being able to charge higher prices because of the value I’m providing. Clients have been happier because I’m leading the project and they’re often so impressed with how deep I’ve gone in the creative strategy that they’re happy to refer me to others needing my services!

Speaking with Tayrn has been SO helpful in opening my eyes to a new method that I might start implementing in my own business. My goal with bringing in other designers to chat about their experiences, is to open the doors to the fact that there is NOT just one way to run a graphic design business or client process.