I am sure I am not alone in the fact that Amazon Prime Day can feel a little bit stressful. With that countdown timer as soon as you enter the site you feel like you got to shop till you drop, literally. First off, don’t stress. There is always another sale, but if you are ready to shop, here is my round-up of some of the best deals for Graphic Designers.

Wacom Drawing Pad

This will really come in handy when you want to create cool handwritten graphics or maybe add little touches to a logo or flyer.

Bamboo Charging Station

Cute and useful. When you are working from your home office all day it is nice to have something useful but also pretty to look at.

Echo Dot

When your eyes are glued to the screen getting designs done it would be nice to just yell out to Alexa to play your favorite flow state playlist or even to let you know what the weather is.

Sweet Water Decor

It is always nice to have a cute candle on your desk and you don’t want to miss this one. 

LaCie Hard Drive

Backing up your work and making sure you save everything in a safe place is crucial! I would put this at the top of your list.