Logo Design: Simplified

Learn how to create timeless logo designs that are just as influential as the brands they represent! 

We take an in-depth look at the importance of logos and how to integrate meaning for a more powerful statement.

The logo design course that will allow you to create inspired designs


In this comprehensive course, you’ll learn my custom logo design process from start to finish. In order to give you the knowledge you need to create trend-defying logo designs, we cover more than just the how-to’s of logo design, we also explore the why. 

If you want to design one-of-a-kind logos that will serve businesses for years to come, AND you want a repeatable process that will allow you to create inspired designs again and again, then this course, my friend, was made for YOU

You are a creative and want too:

  • ZLearn how to create logos from scratch and how to present them so your design gets the credit it deserves.
  • ZGain an understanding of graphic design terminology and the best design practices!
  • ZJoin a community of creatives that you can bounce questions or ideas off of.
  • ZSee another designers process and learn new techniques!
  • ZGain experience on sketching and drawing logo elements.
  • ZDownload templates and resources that will help you in your design projects!


25+ Video


Bonus Template Downloads

Start designing custom logos that go beyond short-lived trends.

Module 1

  • Your instructor and what you’ll learn
  • Navigating the course

Module 2

  • The importance of a logo design
  • Logo terminology (Design dictionary)
  • Develop a style that sets you apart (Avoiding clichés)
  • Moodboards and how they help with logos
  • BONUS: Importance of a brand strategy
  • BONUS: Mood board templates for AI, Photoshop and ID

Module 3

  • How to start and where to find inspiration
  • Trends in logo design
  • Sketching basics and my tips
  • BONUS: Client logo design questionnaire

Module 4

  • Color theory basics
  • Create a color palette with me
  • Where to find and buy fonts
  • Font licensing (what you need to buy)
  • Typography manipulation
  • BONUS: Color palette and font pairing worksheet

Module 5

  • Adobe Illustrator set up for logos
  • Vectorizing an iPad logo in Adobe Illustrator
  • Full logo design tutorial in Adobe Illustrator
  • How To export logo files from Adobe Illustrator
  • Emboss effect on logos in Photoshop
  • BONUS: Procreate settings for logos tutorial

Module 6

  • Difference Between Primary. Secondary and Submark Logo
  • How to mockup logos
  • Presenting logo concepts
  • How to get thoughtful logo design feedback
  • Bonus: A peek into branding guidelines
  • Thank you – let’s connect!

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25+ Video Lessons

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Your Instructor: Megan Weeks


In the graphic design world, It can be easy to get caught up looking at what everyone else is doing and comparing your beginner-level designs to someone else’s  masterpiece. It’s easy to think, well that’s never going to happen, and walk away before you’ve even had a chance to see what you’re really capable of.

When it came to starting my career in design, it took so much work to learn everything necessary to feel like an expert. It was tempting to just say oh well, it’s too hard.  

This is imposter syndrome–  that pesky little inner voice that tell’s you you don’t have what it takes, that you’re just pretending.

Maybe you know that you don’t have technical skills you that need to create logos like a pro… Thats a BIG one! 

I know you want to create unique designs that are beautiful and as elegant as the brands they represented. Of course you do! 

I also know that you can do this. 

The truth is that the feeling of mastery and the confidence that you desire as a logo designer, comes only when you obtain these two things— KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE.

I’ve created this course to guide you along as you acquire both!

Is this course for beginners?

Yes! If you are completely new to graphic design and want to learn terminology, Adobe Illustrator tools, how to find logo inspiration, this is the course for you. If you are experienced and a seasoned designer, you will still gain knowledge in seeing another designers process.

Will I learn about the client process?

This course is more about the art and design behind logos, not so much the actual client experience. However, I do understand that the client process is a huge part of the success in your designs, so a few of the bonus lessons in this course will help you on your client journey!

Will I have access to contact you?

You can leave questions or comments on the lessons and I will do my best to respond back to you within 48 hours! I also will give you my email if you have any other questions. Not only that, but you will get access to my community of creatives where you can connect with other students. 

Do I get immediate access?

Yes, absolutley! If you pre-ordered the course you will see the course on your dashboard but the lessons cannot be accessed until March 28th. However, once you purchase, it is all yours. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the program and enrollment process, we are unable to process refunds once purchased. However, we are committed to our students’ success. If you have trouble with the course, please email us at hello@meganweeksdesignco.com