Frequently Asked Questions

What is a branding package used for?

A branding package is a collection of digital, printed, or physical resources used to create a uniform image of a brand. It consists of separate branded items united with the same style and ideas. This is the graphic designer’s responsibility to collect all pieces of the brand and display them so it is easily digestible for the client.

Who should buy this?

If you are newer to graphic design or experienced and are running your own graphic design business, this template will help you with your client experience. Plus, you can add your twist to it by editing out fonts or colors if you wish.

How do I edit this?

Once you purchase the branding package template you will receive .ai, .eps, and .pdf file types. You must have Adobe Illustrator to edit this branding package, however, you can also purchase Adobe Acrobat to edit this and make the images clickable.

How many pages is this?

The Mocha Branding Package Template contains 9-pages. I start by explaining how to edit the template and my tips. The following pages have the brand guide laid out with where to put logos, colors, and carefully crafted explanations of the primary logo, secondary logo, and elements. I also have provided explanations for the primary font and secondary font.