Self-motivation… how do we get it? how do we maintain it? how do we measure it? and where does it come from?

If lately, you feel your motivation tank is low, ask yourself these questions… are you working at a place that makes you happy and that stimulates your mind? how is your environment, does it fulfill you or stress you out? what about your relationship, does it drain you our fill you up?

the thing with motivation is we create it for ourselves. for me, I have standards I like to live up too. Those could range anything from how I run my design business/how quickly I respond to clients and all the way to making time every single week to meet with friends.

Once you ask yourself questions about every area of your life and find some of the answers are negative… work on those. If your environment is not fulfilling you, work on making it a place that motivates you.

I find a lot of use to make excuses as to when we will fix the areas of our lives that are bringing us down. I am guilty of it too. But the thing is that I have constant check-ins with myself. I check in on my mind, my health and my happiness.

Make a plan to check in with yourself often. Routines are helpful, but don’t get stuck in the robotic ways of life… step back and ask yourself if you are happy and what you can change to make your days 10x better.