Minimal + Modern

Brand and web designer
for wellness businesses.

My approach when designing is to always
keep it minimal, yet make it powerful.

Megan Weeks Design Co. is a creative, multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Nevada with an emphasis on modernized, simplicity. My approach is founded on the belief that less can indeed be more!


Learn how to transform your business and find the unique artistic touch that will land you dream clients with ease.


Custom designs with modernized simplicity in mind. Megan Weeks Design Co. specializes in brand identities and web design and development.

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There are many ways we can collaborate, whether it is an amazing brand or site that reflects your visions or a brand partnership.

We’ve loved working with Megan. She’s done great work and in conjunction with our internal team, our clients have loved her work.

Time W.

CEO of White Peak

I’ve been working with Megan for several years now; she’s helped develop systems and prints for several aspects of my business, as well as our logo! I highly recommend Megan!

Lori Amos


Loved working with Megan on a special event logo! She was very professional, had reasonable pricing, and provided awesome creative concepts to choose from!

Holly C.

She is very responsive and produces beautiful and simply designed sites. Megan supported 3 website build projects for my business and I absolutely love all 3! She is very responsive and produces beautiful and simply designed sites. The work we did on my most recent project for Eyia Retreats is my favorite. We were able to bring my vision to life and I’ll be forever grateful.

Kat P

Owner of Eyia Retreats

Behind the Brand

Megan Weeks Design Co. is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in branding, logo design, and website development for small businesses. Megan Weeks has been designing brands for over 8 years, so she knows what it takes to make your brand stand out from the rest of the crowd. A good brand starts with an identity that is unique to you and your business. Whether you’re ready for a complete overhaul or just need some help getting started – we can take care of all of your needs!

Let’s Create Together

no. 1

Brand Design

To attract your ideal audience, you need a strong and beautiful brand. I design custom brands to help clients sell their products or services better by giving them an unforgettable look that speaks volumes about who they are as people!

no. 2

Web Design

The design of your website can make or break the success rate in converting visitors into customers. If they are having difficulty navigating around, then chances are higher that these potential clients will leave and go elsewhere for their product/service needs– so it’s important to ensure you have an easy-to-understand interface with all content clearly displayed! 

no. 3

Brand + Web Design

The look and feel of your online presence should be consistent across all channels to help you grow an audience. With my artistic background, I can create a strong brand design that will make people want more from the company in both their services, products and overall voice.

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