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I am here to help you design a successful, aesthetically pleasing brand that will attract your perfect audience. I believe that simplicity is key within a brand’s image and nailing down how to express that is where I come in.

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Kind Words

from my clients

We’ve loved working with Megan. She’s done great work and in conjunction with our internal team, our clients have loved her work.
– Tim Woda, White Peak CEO
Megan supported 3 website build projects for my business and I absolutely love all 3! She is very responsive and produces beautiful and simply designed sites. The work we did on my most recent project for Eyia Retreats is my favorite. We were able to bring my vision to life and I’ll be forever grateful.
– Kat P.
Loved working with Megan on a special event logo! She was very professional, had reasonable pricing, and provided awesome creative concepts to choose from!
– Holly C
I’ve been working with Megan for several years now; she’s helped develop systems and prints for several aspects of my business, as well as our logo! I highly recommend Megan!
– Lori Amos

A Little Back Story…

I can still recall this one day…. I was only maybe 14 years old but I always had a huge passion for art. I was constantly creating things; friendship bracelets {I even would sell them} to puffy painting shirts and bags, and illustrating tons of pictures of Audrey Hepburn. However, it was this one day, in particular, I remember getting home from school and my sister received her monthly “Seventeen” magazine subscription in the mail. While reading it I came across this page about a graphic design career. It’s hard to remember exactly what the article said but I recall sitting there and knowing that was what I would be doing one day. I didn’t focus on that career path intensely but it was always in the back of my mind.

I find it interesting how many of us have multiple passions in life, but choosing which one to make a career can at times be difficult. I always knew I was good at art, but it didn’t feel challenging enough after college, so I dove into fitness. After receiving my personal training certification, I landed my first gym job, I quickly realized that was not what I was meant to be doing as a career. I took a sharp turn and dove completely into graphic design… my 14-year-old self is probably saying “finally” while rolling her eyes. But I am 100% confident in my career choice. It fulfills me. Challenges me every single day. And gives me a creative outlet which is what my mind and soul have always craved.