I’m Megan— the brand and web designer behind Megan Weeks Design Co. It’s my dream to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, especially those in the wellness space, stand out through timeless branding and design that further elevates the quality they bring to the table.

Why Hello There

My creative process is rooted in effective simplicity. I strive to make BIG impressions through minimal, intentional designs. I don’t just create things that look good for the heck of it! I’m passionate about getting to know my clients and their target market to cultivate the perfect visuals that celebrate their authenticity while effortlessly attracting new leads.

Most days, you’ll find me cozied up in my home office, working away with a homemade oat milk latte in one hand and a toy for my rambunctious cat, Leo, in the other.

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We all start somewhere…

From opening up a Seventeen magazine article about graphic design back in high school, to being inspired by Jenna Rink’s career in the classic movie, 13 Going on 30, and fast forwarding to where I am at now, running a 6-figure graphic design business. Yeah, it is safe to say it didn’t just happen overnight.

In fact, it took about 8-10 years of getting out of my comfort zone, saying yes to lots of opportunities and expanding my knowledge through working for others (knowing very well I was too creative for 9 to 5). But all of the experiences I have gone through thus far have been so worth it because I am now confident in serving my clients and students in the best ways possible.

But really, let’s look back at who I was a decade ago (ohh the high school phases). Just click through let’s chuckle together.